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Connecting With Other Members

Learn how to connect with other members in the DIYvinci Community.

Group Settings

Learn how to adjust settings in your group.

How do I Report a Member or a Post?

Learn how to report problematic members or posts in the community.

How to Change My Live Chat Settings

Learn the process of modifying your live chat settings

How to Change My Profile Notifications

Learn how to modify your profile notification settings

How to Change Your Profile and Cover Image

Learn how to change your profile and cover image

How to Change to Dark Mode

Learn how to easily switch your account to dark mode with these steps:

How to Create a Group

Learn how to create a group and foster a sense of community

How to Create a Post

Learn the step-by-step process of creating a post

How to Save an Activity Post to Read Later

Learn the simple steps for saving an activity post to read later, ensuring you never miss out on valuable content.

How to Send a Message

Learn how to send a message effortlessly.

How to Share a Post

Learn how to effortlessly share a post.

How to Submit a Tutorial

Learn the process of submitting a tutorial

How to Use the Live Chat

Learn how to effectively utilize the Live Chat feature for seamless communication and enhanced user experience.

What are Community Hashtags?

Discover the power of community hashtags and how they can help you connect, engage, and grow your online community on social media platforms.

What are the Status Emojis?

Learn about the significance and usage of Status Emojis

What is “The Craft Room” group?

Learn about "The Craft Room" group.

How to Change My Account Privacy

Learn how to change the privacy settings of your account.